The Palestinian leadership, not surprisingly, rejects Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’. We have seen this movie before. Israel uses its supporters in the USA to propose a peace plan that amounts to permanent apartheid in Palestine, and then demonises the Palestinian people for rejecting it. While the cynical charade plays out, Israel continues the ethnic cleansing of the West Bank. What Israel really wants is as many indigenous Palestinians as possible to leave the West Bank before they annex (i.e. steal) the territory.

There is no end to Israel’s clever strategies. One might be tempted, for example, to think that Israel will hold the door open from the West Bank to Jordan and Gaza while ‘encouraging’ Palestinians to leave by building settlements and using other ‘bureaucratic’ methods. Would it be too uncharitable (even anti-semitic!!) to think such a thing? Time will tell.

In the end there will be no peace without justice, and no justice without truth. Even if Israel, with all its lying, scheming and bullying, succeeds removing every single indigenous Palestinian from Palestine, the inevitable result will be a new semitic diaspora. Will they not be saying ‘next year in Jerusalem’ for generations to come?

UNITED NATIONS — Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki has urged European nations to sanction Israel for illegally grabbing Palestinian land, saying the US Trump administration’s expected peace plan will do nothing to bring about Middle East peace.
Speaking with Mondoweiss at United Nations headquarters on Thursday, Maliki said he had almost no hope of getting a fair offer for peace between Palestinians and Israelis under US President Donald Trump.
Europeans have spoken up for the Palestinians in recent decades, Maliki said, but that has not stopped 420,000 Israeli settlers from moving to the West Bank and forcing Palestinians to abandon their homes since the early 1990s.
“It shows such statements coming from Europe and beyond [are] becoming ineffective and this has made the Israelis immune to such statements. We don’t need further condemnations and solidarity, but to see and to take certain responsible steps,” Maliki said.
“They have to start thinking about sanctions, boycotting, Israeli policies, actions, the relationship, review their strategic bilateral relations with Israel — as [the] European Union and as individual countries.”

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Mondoweiss, James Reinl