Don’t be fooled into believing Israel is committed to genuine negotiations with Palestine for a two-state solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict.  Here is just the latest (January 2019) in a long list of high level Israeli leadership denials of that possibility.  For the Australian Government to say its policy is based on supporting a two-state solution is at best fanciful and in reality amounts to de facto support for the status quo in which Israel has passed legislation declaring Israel as the “Nation State of the Jewish People” within a one-state solution for all of the land west of the Jordan River.

[Israeli] Minister of Aliyah and Integration Yoav Galant expressed a firm position regarding the territories Israel conquered in the Six Day War during a Sunday tour of the Binyamin region in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank], speaking out in favor of sovereignty and nixing the idea of a Palestinian state.

In a news clip on the nationalist-religious Srugim website, … Galant, former commander of the IDF southern command, stated categorically, “From the hills of Samaria, I say clearly, ‘No to a Palestinian state.’ It’s impossible to establish more than one state west of the Jordan. This is the place of the Jewish, Zionist and democratic State of Israel.”

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Batya Jerenberg WIN-World Israel News 14 January 2019