An Israeli court tries to penalise New Zealanders in New Zealand for telling another New Zealander, Lorde, about human rights abuses in Palestine. Seems like rather peculiar logic, until you realise the state of Israel has not declared where its borders are. Why, therefore, shouldn’t New Zealand come under Israeli jurisdiction just like Palestine? Like some adolescents, Israel appears to have a problem knowing where the boundaries are.

Israel wants to use international law to enforce damages awarded by an Israeli court against New Zealanders in New Zealand, but doesn’t recognise international law when it doesn’t suit them, e.g. human right abuses in Palestine, or the extradition of Israeli fugitives who have committed crimes in other countries, etc. They have a problem understanding that in a grown up world, rules apply to everyone.

So are we to understand that no matter where we live, we are all under the jurisdiction of Israeli courts? Really? Do people in Israel understand what a bizarre, and offensive, notion that is? It gives us some small idea of the unwelcome and inappropriate intrusion by Israel into every aspect of life the Palestinian people have suffered over the last 70 years.

There is no better way for Israel to guarantee popular support for BDS in the developed world than by attempting to silence criticism through intimidation. Not surprisingly, people resent a foreign state using local judicial, political and media institutions to bully those who don’t like their policies. Rather than try to use ‘lawfare’ to harass people for speaking out, Israelis should abandon the indefensible apartheid agenda that gave rise to BDS movement in the first place.

Unfortunately, the state of Israel behaves like a narcissistic adolescent doing what it can get away with, not what is right. Apartheid is not only morally wrong, its inevitable failure will be a disaster for Israel and the whole world.

At some point Israelis will realise that like the rest of us, they cannot have it all. Until then they will continue to push any and all boundaries unless the grown ups impose consequences.

An Israeli court has ordered Jewish New Zealander Justine Sachs and Palestinian New Zealander Nadia Abu-Shanab to pay thousands after Lorde cancelled a Tel Aviv concert. Having being flooded with offers of financial support, the women explain here why they’re keen to raise funds – not for a foreign court, but for the ordinary people of Gaza

This morning we woke up to find Israeli courts have ordered us to pay more than US $12,000 in damages to three Israeli teenagers. They have allegedly suffered emotional distress as a result of our role in Lorde cancelling her planned concert in Tel Aviv. She chose instead to respect the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

Last December The Spinoff published a letter we wrote encouraging Lorde not to play in Israel. The cancellation of her concert can’t be reduced to our letter. We’re just one tiny part of a growing and vibrant movement, and while we’re proud to play our part, credit goes to Lorde for having the human decency to take a stand. It also goes to every ordinary person around the world who has taken up the BDS call, and to the people of Palestine who persevere in their struggle for equality and justice.

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The Spinoff, Nadia Abu-Shanab and Justine Sachs