Israel will not change change its racist policies unless forced to by international pressure. The Australian government will not change its shameful support for Israeli apartheid without pressure from the electorate. Time to act – sign the petition!

Last week’s announcement that the government is open to moving Australia’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem caused consternation among progressives and, indeed, most reasonable people. As if Morrison’s irresponsible bid for the Zionist vote in Wentworth wasn’t enough, Australia last week also joined Israel and the US in trying (unsuccessfully) to humiliate Palestine by opposing it as chair of the UN group of 77 developing countries.

With the Liberals becoming increasingly slavish in following Trump’s dangerous anti-Palestinianism, it’s clear that supporting Palestine is a meaningful way of opposing the most reactionary political forces at home. So why isn’t there more concrete action among Australian progressives?

Disapproval of the actions of Israel and sympathy for Palestinians in public opinion is high. But, as every Palestine campaigner here knows, translating agreement into action can often be an uphill battle.

At the moment, the cultural boycott of Israel is at centre stage of global Palestine-justice efforts. Next year’s Eurovision Song Contest is to be held in Tel Aviv. Under the leadership of the Boycott National Committee in Palestine, Palestine-justice organisations all over the world are coordinating calls on broadcasters like SBS not to cover Eurovision unless the host country is changed.

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The New Matilda, Nick Reimer