Issue: ABC – Biased reporting of water management in Palestine

In ABC Radio National’s “Saturday Extra” programs on 26 January and 2 February 2019, presenter Geraldine Doogue interviewed three Israelis about aspects of Israel’s water management and the issue of water use in the Gaza Strip.  In neither of these two broadcasts did Ms Doogue include anything of substance on those issues from a Palestinian perspective and she did not challenge to any degree the highly contentious opinions of the Israelis.  As a result of a formal complaint about these programs, the ABC’s Audience and Corporate Affairs Unit has provided a response, the formal findings of which are as follows:

Findings (summary):

 Audience and Consumer Affairs have concluded that the program Israeli experts on drought management of 26 January 2019 was in breach of the ABC’s accuracy provisions (2.1) due to a material lack of context; and that the edition Water situation in Palestine reaches crisis point of 2 February 2019  was in breach of the ABC’s impartiality provisions (4.5) because it unduly favoured the Israeli perspective on water management.

 ABC RN apologise for these editorial lapses, and as a result of your complaint Editor’s Notes have been appended to the online versions of both programs: and; further, a correction has been posted on the ABC’s Corrections and Clarifications page:  In addition, this Saturday 13 April, presenter Geraldine Doogue will read out an on air acknowledgment of these findings, and the program will be speaking to Professor Abdelrahman Tamimi, Director General of the Palestinian Hydrology Group for Water and Environmental Resources Development.

Access the original program here , and hear the Palestinian point of view here.

Issue: Eurovision Song Contest

Contact Kate Miller-Heidke

Kate Miller-Heidke is set to be the Australian contestant in the next Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Tel Aviv. If she performs in Israel she will be helping the Israeli propaganda machine ‘art-wash’ apartheid. We would encourage people to respectfully point out to her why they think she should not attend, especially as a ‘representative’ of Australia. Apartheid is in no way consistent with Australian values.

Contacts for Kate Miller-Heidke:

SBS coverage

Object to your tax dollars being used to art-wash apartheid? Let SBS know you are not amused!

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Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW – 18 March to 8 April 2019)

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