George Galloway is a controversial public figure in UK politics. He has always been a staunch supporter of Palestinian rights, and regularly uses his formidable rhetorical skills and knowledge of middle east affairs to demolish the Israeli state-sponsored narrative. In this interview Laura Loomer, a young self-styled¬† ‘conservative investigative journalist’, tries to argue the hasbara line on Israeli violence in the Gaza ghetto. Big mistake!

This video is amusing on one level, because George Galloway makes an obnoxious apologist for Israeli atrocities look ridiculous. Unfortunately, however, the ignorance on display here is not uncommon in the USA, thanks to generations of pro-Israel, anti-muslim propaganda. Laura Loomer appears to be incapable of assimilating facts that are inconsistent with the hasbara narrative on the Gaza protest. Both the Palestinians, and people like Ms. Loomer, are victims of Zionist malfeasance. Unlike the Palestinians, however, Ms. Loomer doesn’t know it yet. That is not funny.

25 May 2019