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Dr. Salman Abu Sitta is a victim of zionist ethnic cleansing in Palestine. He describes the destruction of his village, the theft of his family land, the victory of the Australian Light Horse at Beersheba, the betrayal of the Palestinians by the British, Edward Said and much more.

Former Middle East diplomats urge PM to reject Trump Middle East plan

The diplomats jointly warn against Trump’s partisanship, which goes against the grain of the international community, and damages any prospects for real peace.

Excerpts from the letter include:

Under President Trump, the United States appears to have decided to turn away from its longstanding goal of achieving a two-state solution, an approach that Australia and the great majority of the international community have supported for the past 25 years.

What is now obvious to us all – is that Israel simply has not been prepared to entertain the notion of the existence of a viable independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.

For our own reputation and in recognition of our national interests, Australia should not support a United States initiative which excludes the Palestinians and blatantly excuses Israel from an eventual requirement to make the compromises necessary for peace.

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Signatories include:

  • Grant Battersby, First Secretary, Israel 1983 -1985
  • Dr Anthony Billingsley, former Australian diplomat
  • Dr Bob Bowker, Ambassador to Jordan 1989-92, and Egypt 2005-2008
  • Dr Ken Chan AM, former Australian diplomat and Administrator of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands 1983-85.
  • John Fennessy, Ambassador to Lebanon 1999-2002
  • Dr Janet Gardiner, Ambassador to Syria 1998-1999, Ambassador to Portugal 2000-2004
  • Bruce Haigh, Deputy Head of Mission in Saudia Arabia, the Gulf States, the Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan, 1982-88
  • James Ingram AO, FAIIA, Australian Ambassador to the Philippines 1970-73; High Commissioner to Canada 1973-74; Executive Director, UN World Food Programme 1982-92.
  • Christopher Lamb, Australian Ambassador to Myanmar 1986-89 and to Yugoslavia, Macedonia and Romania 1997-2000
  • Don McFeat, former DFAT officer
  • John Menadue AO, Ambassador to Japan 1976-1980
  • Robert Newton, Ambassador to Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia and Sudan 2002 – 2005
  • Professor Richard Rigby, Ambassador to Israel 2000-2001
  • Peter Rodgers, Ambassador to Israel 1994-97
  • John Tilemann, Ambassador to Jordan 2001-5
  • Robert Tyson, Ambassador to Saudi Arabia 2001-05, Russia 2005-08, Iraq 2008-11, Kuwait 2011-15
  • Michael Wood, Australian Consul General in Chicago 2015-2018
  • Peter Zoller, former Australian diplomat

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Christian Palestinians suffer daily humiliation and human rights abuses under Israeli occupation. Areej Masoud explains….

Canberrans express solidarity with Palestinian people, and give their views on the situation in Palestine.